Dog Moles FAQ

Below you’ll find a list of FAQ we get asked on a daily basis. If there is still a question you don’t see on here please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Q: Can a dog get a mole?

A: Yes. Dogs can get moles and if they start to grow or get lots of them in a short amount of time it is recommended to take them to your vet as they could be cancerous.

Q: Can a dog get a mole overnight?

A: Yes and no. It may have been that you might haven’t noticed it before and may have gotten bigger and now you noticed it.

Q: What do dog moles look like? Do you have pictures?

A:  Click here to see some pictures of moles on dogs.

Q: Can dogs get skin cancer?

A: Yes, just like humans, dogs can get skin cancer also.

Q: Is it normal/common for dogs to get moles?

A: Yes it is normal for dogs to get moles. Especially as they get older.